Horsepowered Leadership Development

Equine-Assisted Coaching: A hidden treasure to catalyze your productivity and overcome your limits, thanks to the majestic power of horses.


Horses are among the most powerful and noble creatures on the planet. These elegant animals embody strength, independence, and freedom; attributes that can unlock immeasurable potential inside of you.

Equine-Assisted Coaching holds this hidden power and it’s available to you now!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to ride the horses to access this potential.

The secret lies in the way horses communicate and interact with us, humans.

Through their non-verbal communication and their ability to mirror human emotions and intentions, horses are powerful catalysts for discovering and removing blocks and limits that could be seriously affecting your work performance.

Equine-Assisted Coaching is not a luxury, but an investment.

Working with this herd is an investment in yourself, in your career, and in your future.

In a constantly changing world, the ability to overcome limits, to be resilient, creative, and innovative is not an optional, but a prerequisite for success.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your work performance and take your productivity to new levels, Horsepowered Leadership Development could be just what you need.

Forget the old concept of personal development: it’s time for a revolution.

Welcome to a world where nature, the elegance of horses, and the need for human connection come together to create a unique experience.

You are about to embark on a journey of leadership development like never before.

It’s time to bring humanity back to the core of the personal development space.

Virtual meetings and computer programmes can never replace the power of personal bonds, the energy of shared laughter, or the impact of an kind gesture.

And this is where horses come into play; these majestic animals have been companions to humans for millennia.

And they have done so for a reason; to help us move forward in life.

Horses don’t speak our language, they don’t understand our words, they don’t follow our social rules, but they have an incredible ability to tune in to our emotions and mirror our behaviours.

This is the future of personal development

Through Equine-Assisted Coaching, you can interact with horses in a safe and natural environment, experiencing their direct, unfiltered, yet compassionate communication.

An experience that exposes your true nature, stimulates empathy and authenticity, and develops communication skills essential for any successful leader.

But that’s not all.

Equine-Assisted Coaching offers you the opportunity to leave the office, to breathe in fresh air and to feel the grass under your feet.

An experience that reminds you that you are not just a manager or an executive, but a living human being, with needs, desires, and emotions.

This is the future of personal development.

A future that doesn’t rely on obsolete techniques, but trusts in the power of nature, the wisdom of horses, and the strength of human connections.

A future that invites you to leave your comfort zone, to experiment, to grow. To become not only a better leader but a more complete, more authentic human being.

Are you ready to take off towards this future?

The Art of Equine-Assisted Coaching

Equine-Assisted Coaching is not just professional development.

It’s not about doing some team-building games or getting a sequence of tasks to complete.

It’s a journey that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary, that explores the hidden depths of your soul, that discovers new connections and possibilities.

But how can a horse, the noblest animal on earth, facilitate this journey?

How can a being that doesn’t speak our language, that lives in a world that is completely different from ours, be a catalyst for change?

coaching con i cavalli

The answer lies at the heart of Equine-Assisted Coaching:

non-verbal communication, empathy, authenticity.

These are not just trendy terms or abstract concepts. They are concrete, tangible skills that can be cultivated and refined.

They are the tools that allow us to overcome language and cultural barriers, to understand and connect with others on a deep, intimate level.

And horses, with their acute sensitivity, their indomitable spirit, their unveiled sincerity, are the perfect teachers.

They cannot be deceived by empty words or inauthentic behaviours.

They only respond to truth, consistency, integrity.

Imagine yourself, far away from your office, in a natural environment, surrounded by horses.

You approach a horse, touch it, try to communicate with it.

There are no words, only gestures, looks, vibrations.

There are no roles or hierarchies, only living beings trying to understand and be understood.

And in this process, you discover new parts of yourself.

You discover that you can:

  • communicate in ways you had never considered;
  • connect with others in ways you have never experienced;
  • learn to be more authentic, empathetic, open and therefore become a more effective leader.
cavalli Toscana

This is the power of Equine-Assisted Coaching.

A power that goes beyond simple professional development. A power that transforms people, that brings out leaders, that creates success. And all of this, thanks to the noblest animal on earth: the horse.

Why Equine-Assisted Coaching?

The answer to this question is as simple as it is profound.

We live in a world where the lights of digital displays shine brighter than the stars, where the clicks and sounds of keyboards have drowned out human voices, where cold and indifferent machines perform much of our tasks.

In this world, we risk losing ourselves.

We get lost in the incessant noise of technology, in the frenzy of productivity, in the void of digital isolation.

Without authentic connection, true communication, or a tangible sense of cohesion, we become mere individuals disconnected and isolated in our own little, digital worlds.

coaching con i cavalli

But there is an alternative.

A way to bring humanity back into our teams, to awaken connection and communication, to strengthen the sense of unity.

And this is where Equine-Assisted Coaching comes into play.

Equine-Assisted Coaching is not just a coaching method, it’s an experience, an adventure.

An adventure that tests you, that pushes you out of your comfort zone, that shows you new possibilities.

Imagine leaving the office, the computers, the phones.

Imagine finding yourself in the middle of nature, surrounded by horses.

Imagine having to communicate without words, having to establish a bond without emails or text messages, having to collaborate without the aid of a keyboard.

It’s an experience that challenges every rule of the modern world, that breaks every conventional pattern.

An experience that can change your life.

Through Horsepowered Leadership Development, you can discover new ways of communicating, new levels of connection, new degrees of cohesion.

You’ll discover that there is a way of interacting that goes beyond digital displays and cold machines.

A way that is authentic, true, tangible.

And, above all, you’ll discover that productivity is not just about results, but also about personal growth, human development, and spiritual enrichment.

This is the why behind Horsepowered Leadership Development.

This is its strength, its charm, its promise.

And in an increasingly digital and mechanical world, it’s a promise that is more than welcome on any modern workfloor.

Have you ever wondered what it truly means to achieve full personal and professional fulfillment?

I’m not talking about reaching goals or completing projects.

I’m talking about a balance that goes beyond mere efficiency, a balance that resonates with vibrant synergy, a balance that reflects a true connection between you and your work.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, Horsepowered Leadership Development will offer you this opportunity.

Equine-Assisted Coaching doesn’t just improve your skills, but it creates a lasting and meaningful bond with yourself.

The power of horses helps to unveil your true essence, creating an atmosphere of respect and understanding towards yourself.

It’s an experience that allows you to see beyond superficial appearances and appreciate your unique strengths and weaknesses.

And when you start to understand and respect yourself at this deep level, something magical happens.

Your sense of self-esteem intensifies.

Your productivity becomes more fluid.

Ideas flow freely.

And your productivity… well, your productivity skyrockets.

But it’s not just about numbers.

It’s not just about doing more in less time.

It’s about doing things better.

It’s about creating an inner work environment that is not only efficient but also harmonious and rewarding.

Imagine a workplace where you not only know what you’re doing, but you also know why you’re doing it.

A workplace where you not only complete your tasks, but you take care of yourself.

A workplace where you not only achieve goals, but you grow and develop as an individual.

That’s what increasing productivity with Equine-Assisted Coaching means.

That’s why Horsepowered Leadership Development can make a difference in your career.

It’s not just about results, but about relationships.

It’s not just about products, but about people.

And, ultimately, it’s not just about business, but about personal and human growth.

Horsepowered Leadership Development is a journey.

A journey that will lead you to discover the undervalued benefits of connection with nature, empathy with horses, and the strength of non-verbal communication.

A journey that will lead you to create a career that is not just a series of achieved goals, but a path of personal growth and prosperity.

Sophie Charlotte’s Journey.

Who am I?

I am Sophie Charlotte, your guide on your Horsepowered Leadership Development journey.

I am the voice that will speak to you, the hand that will guide you, the energy that will support you.

Let’s start from the beginning.

My training as a life coach began in Rome, at the renowned Advanced Coaching Academy.

An ICF-accredited school, where I learned not only techniques and methods but also the importance of respect, empathy, and listening.

I learned that being a coach means being a facilitator, an ally, a guide.

My training didn’t stop there.

I continued my growth and learning journey in the Netherlands, immersing myself in the world of Acceptance & Commitment Training.

An approach that taught me that life is not just about goals, but also about acceptance, commitment, and mindful presence.

Then I joined the Divine Living Academy of Gina De Vee®, a place where I honed my coaching skills and deepened my knowledge of the business world.

A place where I learned that success is not just about results, but also about balance, gratitude, and true happiness.

But it was with Horse Life Coaching® that I discovered my true calling: Equine-Assisted Coaching.

A training path that introduced me to the essence of the equine, its nobility, its strength, its wisdom.

A path that allowed me to understand how interaction with horses can transform people, teams, and organisations.

Since then, since 2015, I have dedicated my life to guiding people on their journey of growth and transformation.

By adding Systemic Family Constellations to my repertoire, a clinic I followed with Pacagua and Horse Life Coaching®, I am now an allround Equine-Assisted Coach who can support true leaders in their development together with my herd of horses.

This is who I am.

This is what I do.

This is the journey I can offer you.

A journey of discovery, transformation, and realisation.

A journey that will lead you not only to build a stronger team but also to build a stronger self.

A journey that will lead you not only to discover the power of Equine-Assisted Coaching, but also to discover the power that is within you.

It's time to shake up your ingrained beliefs

It’s time to challenge the norm and discover what can be achieved when you embrace change.

It’s time to look beyond appearances, to seek authentic connection with yourself, and to harness the energy that only the combination of humans and horses can unleash.

Are you ready to experience the power of Equine-Assisted Coaching?

Are you ready to guide yourself towards unprecedented productivity?

Are you ready to transform not only your way of working, but also yourself?

If the answer is yes, I am here for you.

Contact me today to book your Horsepowered Leadership Development experience.

I will guide you on this journey of discovery and transformation, I will support you in creating a stronger, more integrated, and more productive version of yourself.

Interviews in the Italian media


Sophie’s been my coach over the past 3 years and my life has changed in ways I never thought imaginable.
However, the horse coaching was a unique experience that I will never forget.
The way that she is able to pull in different aspects of the powerful, spiritual animal and utilize their sensitivity to help you continue to dig deeper is difficult to put into words to explain.
And that is the thing, some parts of our existence, challenges, emotions are difficult to express. Using this style of coaching, I felt like we were able to work on a subconscious, unspoken level where those feelings in me were creating discomfort and disease. Working on this level together, I was able to bring light to what those challenges were, give them a name and make them tangible so that I could resolve them.
✨An amazingly deep experience with an insightful coach that is not to be missed ✨
– Anna Manuzzi, CPC & Diversity & Inclusion Strategist and Speaker 


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